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Deep Dive: Staffing

April 8, 2010

Tonight was the first Budget Committee Meeting that did not have a boilerplate agenda.  At the last meeting, I asked that the committee be briefed on staffing and Mr. Stokinger delivered that briefing tonight.  I’d advise all to watch the meeting, but, unfortunately, you would not get much out of the presentation since it was a review of a number of reports and the committee voted to conceal the reports from the public.  The information is public, however, and I suspect Mr. Stokinger would provide inquiring citizens with a hard copy upon request.  I recommend asking as these documents will probably be prominent as we delve into Special Needs (May 13), Technology, Facilities, and other areas of interest (to me, at least).

I probably will not scan these in.  Even without cause, too much time was squandered on discussion of the inane (blogs, emails, and minutes, oh my!) and there is too much to be learned before the committee recesses for the summer to surrender another meeting to the inane.


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