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Bridge to Nowhere

June 23, 2010

Well, construction has begun on the Bridge to Nowhere.  The cost of the work is being passed on to our kids as part of Obama’s Stimulus Package.  Local insiders and the inconvenienced are celebrating.

What are they celebrating?

The BoS is celebrating that THEY got the bridge built with 100% stimulus money.  First, this is a LIE.  We will fund improvements on both sides of the bridge and we paid for some of the upfront costs.  Second, THEY had nothing to do with this.  THEY wanted to spend $700,000 of state and local money on the bridge.  THE REST OF US said no and this is the only reason the bridge is being built with other people’s money.

It’s also important to remember that the community rejected a $60,000 solution.  Danville voted to leave the road a dead end.  This was not about money.  It was about quality of life and safety.  Most of us will be unaffected in this regard, but the majority of the residents of Sandown Road preferred a quieter life and the community supported them.  The government did not.  And while the inconvenienced fabricated unlikely safety scenarios, the opening of the bridge will add traffic to an already treacherous intersection at 111A.


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