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Where Will the Money Come From?

July 31, 2010

On June 21st, Mr. La Salle asked the School Board to ‘find’ $1.2mm in the 2010-2011 budget to fund engineering studies and permitting for a new high school.  When asked if this wouldn’t be something to put in a warrant for next March, La Salle warned that  a no vote on such a warrant would preclude spending on this project for the following budget year.  He assured the school board that the money could be found, if building a new school was a priority.

Mr. La Salle gave us some insight into potential cuts at the 2010 deliberative session.  He proposed the following list of cuts to cover a shortfall of ‘just under $5mm 

Doomsday Scenario <= Click this link to watch La Salle’s presentation

At the June meeting, La Salle assured the school board there was money in the budget if new construction was a priority. He’s asking for 1/4 what Mr. Acciard proposed. What one fourth of his list would you sacrifice to study a new school? Let’s see what Mr. La Salle is going to have to cut to circumvent a warrant article…

40 teachers: 10 teachers
20 assistants: 5 assistants
50% of repair and maintenance: 13% of repair and maintenance
50% of supplies: 13% of supplies
50% of books: 13% of books
$100,000 of $132,000 for software: $25,000 of $132,000 for software
All new equipment: 1/4 of new equipment
$200,000 of $242,000 for new computers: $50,000 of $242,000 for new computers
All salary raises: 1/4 of salary raises
7 special ed teachers: 2 special ed teachers
20 para educators: 5 paraeducators
all special ed computers: 1/4 of special ed computers
$100,000 from athletics: $25,000 from athletics
1 guidance, 1 psychologist: 1 guidance or 1 psychologist
50% of books for library: 13% of books for library
100% of books for library: 25% of books for library
100% of equipment for library: 25% of equipment for library
100% of av: 25% of av
100% of travel: 25% of travel
2 administrators: 1 administrator
2 secretaries: 1 secretary
3 custodial positions: 1 custodial position
$200/yr transportation fee for HS kids: $50 /yr transportation fee for HS kids
100% of new computers: 25% of new computers

I left out a bunch of stuff (supplies/equipment for janitors, principals, administrators, secretaries; transportation for music athletics).


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