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SAU 55 Does NOT Hate Boy Scouts

August 24, 2010

A representative of Atkinson’s Pack 95 appeared before 8/19/2010 School Board meeting.  The rep asked that SAU 55 support the scouts by allowing infrequent communication be sent home with the children.  Superintendent La Salle — at least in his words — backed down from a long standing anti-scout policy by promising to ask His lawyers to grant an exception for BSA. 

If the superintendent hadn’t recently reversed himself on the 180 day calendar and airing budget committee meetings, I would bet he was just placating a constituent…OK, I DO think Mr. La Salle is paying lip service to a constituent.  Or maybe he is trying to improve his image before asking the taxpayers for $70,000,000 for a new high school that is not needed.


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