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TRHS to Eliminate Midterms and Finals?

August 24, 2010

At 1:19:50 of the 8/19/2010 School Board meeting, the Director of Secondary Education announced that Midterm and Final exams would be eliminated in 2010-2011.  In theory, I support this as these exams — with their half days and preparation — are disruptive.  In practice,  I am concerned that there will be less attention to Big Ideas and long term retention.  I’m afraid the kids will be spoon fed a few facts that they can easily locate on a multiple choice test (for a couple weeks).  Time will tell.

The good news?  If you live long enough, you may be the smartest person in the world.

UPDATE: Looks like the media has been reading the blogs…

Eagle Trib: “School administrators have decided to eliminate midterm and final exams, starting this school year…Principal Donald Woodworth said the decision was five years in the making…The School Board backs the decision to eliminate exams. In a prepared statement, board chairman Elizabeth Kosta said the board is encouraged by the efforts to meet all students’ needs.”

Union Leader: “It’s an interesting concept for people who don’t test well, but I think if you don’t have a test, where is your motivation to learn going to come from?”

FOX25: “some parents worry stopping exams would put the students at a disadvantage later” DUH…ed

WMUR: “Timberlane Regional graduate Patriot Rustani said that changes should not effect [sic, lol] the everyday school routine.”


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