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Coffee with the Principal 9/28

September 1, 2010


TRHS principal Donald Woodworth will hold a meeting open to parents on Tuesday September 28th to discuss the decision to eliminate midterms and finals.  According to the Eagle-Tribune, Woodworth said the decision has been in the works for five years.  Why wait five years to talk to parents about this, Mr. Woodworth?  According to Danville’s senior school board rep, the school board was completely unaware of the plan until last month…

For the record this is not something the SB approved or was asked to approve. I am told this is not a SB decision because it is instruction and it is made at the “building level.”

For the record this is not something the SB was asked to support or not support. There was never a vote affirming or declining support. As far as I’m concerned the SB has no position on this whatsoever, despite what others have said.

The SB first heard of this on 8/5 when we received an email with an attached letter declaring the change. It was described as a shift in focus away from mid-term and final exams not an “elimination.” At the 8/17 SB meeting Mr. Strange briefly described this as an “Elimination of mid-term and final exams.” This was the first the SB heard this language. Unfortunately I was not in attendance. At some point there was a press release about this titled “Timberlane Eliminates Final Exams.”

Others?  Like school board chair Elizabeth Costa?

In a prepared statement, board chairman Elizabeth Kosta said the board is encouraged by the efforts to meet all students’ needs.

Anyone want to guess who prepared Mrs. Kosta’s statement?  I hope everyone shows up to listen to Mr. Woodworth.  I plan to attend.  I’ll be the guy in the ‘unseal the minutes’ t-shirt.  I’ll be insisting that there be no more secrets from the parents — no more minutes sealed for 99 years, no more blacked out work sessions, and no more LIES.


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