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Tour: Danville, Sandown North/Central

September 15, 2010

Tours of the Danville and Sandown elementary schools were very pleasant.  The principals were very satisfied with their buildings and teaching environment.  There were ZERO pressing needs at these schools.  Danville is looking to replace a boiler which is not broken, Sandown North wants to replace lighting in the gymnasium, and Sandown Central would like to complete a purely cosmetic siding project.  All schools were clean and in outstanding condition.  Rooms were uncrowded and all had an aboundance of non-teaching spaces.

I am very familiar with the Danville school, but had never toured Sandown’s schools.  I got to stand on the famous road that the children had to cross to use the playground at Sandown North.  From La Salle’s description, I expected to find an actual throughway between the school and the playground.  Instead, I found a paved area with hop scotch and other play areas.  It *could* be used as a road, but there is a gate between the playground and the rest of the road, so we can stop wringing our hands over a safety hazard — there is none.

I was most impressed with Sandown Central.  During the consolidation push, La Salle misrepresented the school as a run down building.  He said the land was probably more valuable as a vacant lot.  He was lying, folks.  This is a fabulous building and it would be a shame to tear it down.  Or even to stop using it as a school. 

These tours are open to the public and I encourage everyone to see where the tax dollars go.  Mr. La Salle and his posse can make you feel pretty bad about the towns’ committment to the kids, but the principals, teachers, and your very own eyes will make you feel better.


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