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‘Cause Taxes Aren’t High Enough

November 25, 2010

Earlier this week, Danville’s Elite celebrated the opening of the Bridge to Nowhere.  About the same time, the Board of Selectmen agreed to buy the Fire Association Hall and the Superintendent of Schools warned that Danville may face a $1,000,000 reduction in state aid for schools.  So what does this all mean for the Rest of Us

For starters, there are 1,000 taxpayers in Danville.  If there is no increase in town or school budgets and the $1,000,000 reduction happens, we will face an increase of $1,000 per household.  The reason the town wants the fire association hall is to build a new police station.  The town also wants a new salt shed.  None of this is free.  When you get your December bill, add $1,000 to that and you have a good idea what you can expect TWICE in 2011.  Merry Christmas!


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