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Survey of Superintendents of Schools

December 1, 2010

Parents should evaluate superintendents on the experience of their children in schools, on the superintendent’s communication from school to home, Joyce said. Taxpayers, who may not be parents, should look at their superintendent’s stewardship of public resources and skills in management, he said.

The Lawrence-Eagle Tribune looks at salaries and performance of southern New Hampshire’s Superintendents of Schools.  La Salle tops the others only on payday.   After 12 years in La Salle’s schools, Timberlane students rank at the bottom of the state with our High School identified as a School in Need of Improvement for five consecutive years.

Superintendent Pay 2010-2011

  • Richard A. La Salle, Timberlane, $135,960
  • Nathan J. Greenberg, Londonderry, $131,325
  • Frank Bass, Pelham-Windham, $121,411
  • Brian J. Blake, Sanborn Regional, $120,750
  • Michael W. Delahanty, Salem, $120,500
  • Mary Ellen Hannon, Derry, $117,749

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