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That’s what I thought you meant…

February 10, 2011

At the conclusion of the deliberative session, Mr. Woodworth approached the table and placed his chin on his hands.  “What did you mean by that answer?”  Inartuculate as I am, I what was swirling in my head never got close to my mouth.  Had I had a chance to read the question and write out an answer, it would have been more like this…

This year’s budget continues a trend of shifting expenditures from education to everything else.  If you look at the Major Budget Factors chart, you will see that Retirement and Salaries top the increases while Software and Equipment were trimmed.  Also on the cut side of the ledger were utilities and repairs.  Utilities are not going down.  Healthcare is not going to be flat.  When the bills come in, the SAU will need to cut somewhere.  With no projects in the budget, we know that teachers, aids, books, and software will be cut…again.   I would not be surprised to hear talk again of a four day school week.  I don’t think this is the way to run a SINI school district.

Mr. La Salle should have protected the educators and eliminated expensive nonteaching positions.  SAU 55 has three directors of education.  Timberlane has two directors of pupil personnel services.  Sandown has two principals for an elementary school.  I could go on, but I already have.  This budget is an emergency waiting to happen.


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