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We’re Gonna Save Face

September 7, 2011

The Lawrence-Eagle Tribune is reporting that TRHS will continue not testing students. At least for another year, midterms and finals will not interfere with…well…whatever it is they are doing on Greenough Road. There will, however, be a modification — time formerly allotted to testing will now be used for school wide events or speakers so the teachers will not have to teach extra…

“Teachers said there was more stress because they didn’t know how to wrap things up,” Woodworth said. “They had so much more time, about two weeks, where they would have been reviewing and taking exams and they weren’t sure whether to start a new unit or what.”

“They’re doing projects right up to the buzzer and don’t have time to plan for the next semester,” Woodworth said. “These were things we didn’t realize would happen and I’m asking for help to fix these issues.”

One thought Woodworth had is to have a school-wide event or speaker mid-year to free up teachers to plan for the next semester.

“We’d like to do something creative, like bring in guest speakers on bullying,” he said.

 I’d like them to teach.  I wonder what the record is for consecutive SINI (School In Need of Improvement) designations.  Is Timberlane the Most SINI School Ever?


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