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Is It Time To Dissolve SAU 55?

June 16, 2012

Richard La Salle has resigned from his position as Superintendent of the Timberlane School District.  During his seven years, the cost of sending a child to Timberlane schools has doubled.  For that we got seven years of academic failure.  For the entirety of La Salle’s tenure, Timberlane schools have been designated Schools In Need of Improvement.  Worse, during La Salle’s reign, an admitted pedophile was permitted to prowl the locker rooms of the middle school for fourteen months.  Another teacher admitted to having a consensual sexual relationship with a high school student.  Minutes of a school board meeting that allowed the pedophile to continue to teach were sealed for 99 years.

Only the school board that sealed those minutes is shedding tears for Superintendent SINI.  The rest of us are relieved that we did not have to pay the three years severance pay his contract called for.

The school board has hired NESDEC to assist in the search for a new candidate, but many suspect that La Salle annointed his replacement on the way out the door.  This superintendent-in-waiting, Winfried Feneberg, sat next to La Salle as ICE shared the confessions of and evidence against Scott Buatti.  Feneberg no doubt supported La Salle’s decision (as parrotted by the school board) to retain the pedophile and seal the minutes to the meeting for 99 years.  He supported eliminating midterms and finals for high school students and has otherwise contributed to the decline of Timberlane’s academic standing.  Mr. Feneberg is currently acting superintendent and was proposed as a replacement during the SAU meeting at which La Salle resigned.  If you want more of La Salle, Feneberg is your guy.

What if we didn’t replace La Salle?  What if we disolved the SAU altogether?  The SAU is completely redundant of function that exists in each of the schools except for oversight of the budget and policy making and, as it happens, the district has a budget committee and school board that are responsible for those matters.  I propose that the district fire SAU 55, sell its assets, and leverage underutilized administrative staff in the school buildings to run a leaner academic institution.

Next March, the ballot should include three articles related to the resignation of Superintendent SINI…

  1. A warrant to fund the SAU
  2. If that passes, a warrant to approve the contract TO BE offered to a new Superintendent of Schools
  3. If that passes, a warrant to approve the specific candidate selected by the school board

See you at the deliberative session!


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