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Retreat! Retreat! Retreat!

September 28, 2012

On September 20, 2012 the Timberlane Regional School District adopted goals for the 2012 – 2013 school year.  If you are wondering why TRSD is among the worst performing school districts in one of the poorest performing states, I suggest you read their goals.  Here are words you will not find in the school board’s goals for 2012-2013…

  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Transparency
  • Value  

What you will find in the goals and objectives is…

The Board and Superintendent will attend a retreat by the end of January 2013 for the purposes of general discussion regarding improvement of our School District.

Before establishing ‘quantifiable goals’ for the new superintendent, the school board has planned a taxpayer funded vacation for themselves and Dr. Metzler.  This vacation is not coincident with a school vacation, so Superintendent SINI will be on the clock.  I didn’t see that in his new contract.

You know who else is going to miss some school this year?  Teachers and students.  The Timberlane Music Association has planned their own retreat to Orlando for April 18-22, 2013.  This spans two weeks and the participants will miss at least one day of school.  While TMA is not an official TRSD function, you will find a lot of TRSD employees and their spouses on that retreat.  All of the adults are considered chaparones which means they pay nothing for this ‘workation’ in Disney World.

This, of course, reminds me of the Las Vegas retreat in 2010 after which participants who were caught refused to disclose names of colleagues who were not.  I wonder where the Strainge family is ‘developing’ these days.  I’ll never forget May 14, 2008.  I attended a Curriculum and Assessment Committee meeting at the Brookstone Country Club (you had to pay $15 to get into the public meeting).  This jovial guy to my left was regaling us with recollections of teacher development boondoggles suddenly complained that “For the first time in eighteen years we won’t be making the trip to Hawaii.”  (I think he got to go to Sananah Georgia to ‘research a school play’, though..

The point is that the people who are most responsible for educating our kids are more invested in travel planning than curriculum coordination.  Shame on them.

Nero had better keep keep his fiddle tuned.  Rome is burning, but TRSD families DO have school choice.  One of the top schools in the state offers classes to all New Hampshire residents (up to age 19).  The Virtual Learning Academy Charter School is the fourth ranked high school in New Hampshire (Timberlane is #52 of 84).


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