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Daddy, Why Don’t We Have School Today?

November 6, 2012

The proudest now is but my peer,
The highest not more high;
To-day, of all the weary year,
A king of men am I.
To-day alike are great and small,
The nameless and the known
My palace is the people’s hall,
The ballot-box my throne!

      ~ John Greenleaf Whittier

When I was a kid, we got election day off from school.  It was a big deal.  People spent Monday morning setting up while we got our annual civics lesson.  After lunch, we were paraded through the gymnasium where we dutifully cast ballots.  When I turned eighteen, I entered the same gymnasium through the other door to cast my first real ballot.  My second grade teacher greeted me and my father by name, checked us off the list, and handed each of us a ballot.  I knew just what to do — I had been practicing all my life.

Flash forward thirty years and the kids still get election day off.  There was no mock election and no civics lesson.  We don’t vote in the school.  So why aren’t the kids in school, today?

The fact is that the schools are closed today so that the nation’s largest labor union can influence the elections that will influence their livlihood.

I encourage parents to take their kids to the polls today.  Make voting a part of your kid’s life.


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