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Two More Years

November 10, 2012

I turned off my television around 10:00pm Tuesday night.  Already weary of the analysis and predictions, I decided to tune out for a while.  Tuning out is easier said than done.  Since the election, my email and voice mail have filled with condolences and gloats.  Some people think that there was a mandate.  If there was a mandate, it was for the status quo.  That’s what I predict — very little is going to change for the United States, New Hampshire, Timberlane, Danville, or me in the next two years.

When I woke up Wednesday morning, we still had a Democrat president, a Democrat controlled US Senate, a Republican controlled US House, and a Democrat governor.  Status quo.  The NH Senate will remain Republican and the NH House will be Democrat again.

Our new Democrat governor pledged to freeze tuition for NH residents, raise standards for NH schools, invest in education, double the research-and-development tax credit, and veto any sales or income tax.  The governor-elect plans to fund all of this with a single ‘well-regulated, high-end casino’ that would ‘protect our brand as a family friendly state with a great outdoor economy’ and new money from a federal government that is facing a fiscal cliff of its own.  If anything, this governor will have less money than her predecessor as gas prices make New Hampshire retail and recreation less attractive to our neighbors while increasing costs of education and unfunded pensions erode discretionary spending of residents.

Even a Timberlane student can do this math.  None of what Maggie Hassan promised will happen unless she breaks her no new taxes pledge.  Status quo.  New Hampshire residents can expect the Democrat governor to have no positive influence on our poor school system while pushing the costs back to the communities and using the state property tax as walking around money.

Everyone move away from the ledge.  There’s nothing to see here.


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