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Former Timberlane Teacher Jailed

December 16, 2012

Almost five years after admitting to Immigration and Customs (ICE) officials that he downloaded child pornography, Scott Buatti has begun serving his prison sentence. Mr. Buatti will never teach again, but other actors in this drama continue to threaten our children.

Then Superintendent Richard La Salle and current Assistant Superintendent Winfried Feneberg met with ICE in March of 2008. ICE informed them that Buatti had admitted to downloading videos of little girls. Ten days later these two conspired with the Timberlane Regional School Board to let Buatti continue to teach then sealed the minutes of the meeting for 99 years.

La Salle left Timberlane earlier this year to become the executive director for the South Eastern Regional Education Service Center (SERESC). SERESC provides education consulting and professional development for local school districts. Winfried Feneberg is one of two finalists for the Windham Superintendent of Schools position. Rob Collins who was a freshman member of the school board that voted to allow a pedophile to remain in the middle school locker rooms for fourteen months, is currently chairman of the Timberlane school board.


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