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Feneberg: Don’t Blame Me!

January 11, 2013

From the WindhamPatch

Timberlane school administrators were aware in 2008 that middle school teacher Scott Buatti was being investigated for child pornography. That knowledge came more than a year before indictments on Buatti were made public.

Feneberg distanced himself from the incident, explaining that he was present at the first meeting with an Immigrations and Customs Enforcement investigator, but was not involved after that.

At the time, he said that administrators were informed that there was no danger to children in the district.

At the time, Feneberg said that he was acting superintenent for Hampstead, a role that he still carries. Asked by Therrien why the Timberlane School Board sealed minutes related to the personnel matter, Feneberg said that he couldn’t comment because that matter was handled by Timberlane Superintendent Richard La Salle.

Feneberg promised Therrien and the rest of the Windham residents that the security and safety of children have always come first in his professional life.

“I will obey the laws and I will report any suspicions of child abuse and neglect as I am mandated,” he said.

Mr. Buatti should have been suspended at the time of the disclosure.  La Salle, Feneberg, and the School Board knew what he did and what risk he posed.  They agreed to put our kids’ safety at risk and sealed the minutes for 99 years.  If one of these people had threatened to go public with the information, Mr. Buatti would have been removed immediately — either because the School Board had a change of heart or due to public outcry the next week.  Mr. Feneberg did not threaten to go public.  He is as guilty as La Salle and his posse.


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