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The More Things Change…

February 22, 2013

The implementation of the Everyday Mathematics Program has had a successful beginning in all of our elementary classrooms. Our students have already demonstrated improved performance in mathematics and they are enjoying the time they spend learning this important subject. Curriculum coordinators are organizing parent meetings to share information about the program and ways they can support their child at home.

TRSD Annual Report For the Financial Year Ending June 30, 2005

We are excited to announce that Timberlane and your child’s teacher have chosen to pilot a new, innovative and rigorous [sic] math program called enVisionMath Common Core!

SAU 55 Letter to Parents dated September 28, 2012

In 2014, TRSD will spend $472, 197 on Improvement of Instruction and $227,126 on Books and Software.  Most of this is related to the replacement of another failed math curriculum.  As it happens, the Everyday Mathematics programs many parents and teachers hated in 2005 is now despised by TRSD.  

I’ve been teaching here for 20 years so please don’t assume that kids can add, subtract, multiply and divide integers without problems. Especially subtraction, as I found that many have trouble with[sic]…Thomas Leveille TRMS Math Teacher September 8, 2006

If your kid entered TRSD in 2005, he will enter high school without a basic understanding of mathematics.  This a spectacular failure.  I remember when Everyday Mathematics was implemented.  I was told that things are different than when I learned math.  I needed to trust the professionals on these matters.  When my oldest struggled to complete the math packet assigned for the summer before entering high school, he and I spent a summer learning what TRSD failed to teach in eight years.  He got an A on the material in September.

The kids who had to rely on TRSD for math did not fare as well…

The summer packet test was put in as a quiz so the first grade in high school for many of my students was not a low one as I wrote to you before. My goal is to do what is best for my students…Lee Daneau TRHS Math Teacher October 17, 2007

After millions of dollars and thousands of children left behind, TRSD is asking once again for taxpayers, parents, and children to be patient while they experiment.  I think it’s time to use the money squandered on curriculum development to license an operating system from a successful program.  I am confident Exeter would happily show SAU 55 how to educate kids for $500k/year.  This would be a bargain for our families.


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