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TRSD Teachers Support But Are Unprepared for ‘Bag’ Days

January 27, 2014


74% of TRSD teachers support not making up snow days.  Support is strongest in the poorest performing schools — the high school, the middle school, and Pollard.  No surprise there, I guess.  When asked if they were prepared to support online learning, 3% confessed to not having internet access outside school, 77% admitted not having a moodle collaboration site, and 85% said they did not have a google collaboration site for their classroom.  Teachers were not asked if they had a teaching plan or could teach online.

Click here to view the survey==> hookey survey

When I asked the superintendent of schools why he would not consider doing teacher development online when classes are cancelled, he said the Collective Bargaining Agreement with the Timberlane Teachers Association would not allow it.  Maybe we need a union to protect the interests of the children?  The School Board isn’t doing it.


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