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February 13, 2014
Timberlane's New Logo

It doesn’t matter what’s in your bullseye when you aren’t aiming at the target…

Today, Timberlane schools are closed.  The kids are home, the teachers are home, and the Superintendent of Schools is home.  The day will not be made up.  Herr Metzler has decreed today a ‘bag day’.

The only people not taking the day off are the taxpayers.  Despite the fact that no learning will happen today, the taxpayers will be billed a whopping $358,013.43.

Before you leave for work or when you get home from work, check in on your Timberlane student to see what you got for that $358,013.43.  Here’s what I got…

  • Spanish (30 minutes): Create a schedule for today and list — in Spanish — your assignments for the Bag Day.  Use at least two sentences per class.
  • English (0 minutes): Nothing.  They completed that in class yesterday (two lost teaching days total)
  • Health (17 minutes): S.M.A.R.T. Goal Worksheet
  • Learning Center (8 minutes): One math problem
  • Biology (50 minutes): Monohybrid Cross Problem Set

The amount of effort required to complete the ‘busy’ work did not require sufficient time for this day to qualify as an early dismissal day.  The amount of new material learned was ZERO.  Your bill for this was  $358,013.43.  If you think this is OK, vote for your current school board representative when he or she is up for re-election.

PS there was no homework last night…Wednesday night.  In essence, the teachers simply gave the kids two days to do their Wednesday night homework assignments.

Metzler says the kids are the bullseye in his target.  I say he isn’t even aiming at the target.


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