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Non-teaching Days: 2014 Edition

February 17, 2014

It doesn’t matter what’s in your bullseye when you aren’t aiming at the target…

The Superintendent of Schools has just decreed that tomorrow will be an early release day.  The reason?  1) Weather 2) The teachers do not want to make up the day.  If teaching was important to Mr. Metzler, he could have cancelled the day and made it up during February vacation, April vacation or any of the upcoming Teacher Development Days.  If teaching was important to Mr. Metzler, he could have swapped Friday’s early release day with tomorrow’s full day.  Instead, he has decided to shuttle the kids into the schools long enough to get credit for a school day then send them home.

In the two weeks leading up to February vacation, three of nine scheduled teaching days were forfeited…

  1. 2/13/2014: Bag Day
  2. 2/18/2014: Planned Early Release Snow Day
  3. 2/21/2014: Planned Early Release Day

These days will not be made up, so our kids lost 3/180 possible days of education.  Can we put a price tag on that lost education?  Maybe not, but the total cost to taxpayers is $1,074,040.29.  What is the difference between not teaching children at the school and closing the school three days early at the end of the year?  $1,074,040.29

Metzler says the kids are the bullseye in his target.  I say he isn’t even aiming at the target.


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