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Broadcast Television

June 12, 2014

I had to take down the url and change the password because someone was recording shows.  Without controlling access to the device, the FCC might construe this as a public showing.  If you would like to borrow my antenna, send an email to me with full name.  If I can confirm that you are local, I will send you the url and password so that you have exclusive use until someone else requests access.

In May of 2010, I replaced Comcast with an antenna, Netflix, and Fairpoint high speed internet.  At that time, my my Comcast bill was $170 per month.  I pay $45 for Fairpoint and $8 for Netflix.  Over the course of four years, we have saved $5,616.  Comcast has probably raised rates in the last four years, so my savings has probably been greater.

My reason for changing was complicated.  After we lost power in 2008, I purchased a generator.  Initially I put an antenna in the attic so we could be entertained and informed during any future outage.  During the 2010 outage, we watched broadcast television for a week.  There were a lot of channels and quality was very good.  About this time, Comcast began their transition to digital cable.  We had one TV on a DVR and others simply plugged into the cable.  During the transition, Comcast moved many HD channels to frequencies that required a box.  When my antenna delivered more HD channels than box-less Comcast, I pulled the plug.

Since then, I have added DVRs and streamers.  At this point, we enjoy a better entertainment experience than we did when we had Comcast.  In Danville, you can expect to bring in 36 stations with a stationary antenna.  With a rotor, you can add another dozen stations by pointing to Portland or Londonderry (WBIN).

If you would like to sample our local broadcast offerings, feel free to ‘borrow’ my antenna.  Send me an email:  Include your address.

FYI, is a web interface to a DVR sitting in my basement.  Click on a show in the Home screen to watch it live.  Click on a show in the Guide screen to schedule a recording.  Watch the recordings in the My Shows screen.  We can also access the DVR using a Roku streamer or an android device, so I was able to watch the Red Sox from an airport in Detroit and catch the news from the side of my pool.  All of the channels except WENH (PBS 11) and WMUR (ABC 9) are received on a stationary 91XG uhf antenna.  WENH and WMUR are captured with a Y5-7-10 vhf antenna.



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