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The Happiest Place

August 28, 2014

I awoke this morning to the news that the Market Basket problem had been resolved.  After dropping my youngest at school, I stopped in.  What a treat!

It was like a reunion.  As I approached the entrance to the parking lot, there were signs thanking me and welcoming me back.  For the first time in a long time, there were cars in the parking lot.  I parked my car, grabbed a carriage (yes there were carriages in the parking lot at 8:00am), and headed into the store.  I was immediately greeted by an employee, “Welcome back.  Thank you for your support.”  I got this a lot.  Everyone did.  We were all smiles — employees and shoppers alike.  We won!

The meat case was sparse and there was no produce to speak of.  (There were no pumpernickel bagels.  I really miss the pumpernickel bagels.)  The rest of the store was well stocked and well staffed.  As I shopped, the meat case filled up.  It was very exciting to be in the store as it sprung back to life.  It was like Spring.  Spring had sprung at Market Basket.

Customers renewed acquaintances and shared war stories.  We shared knowing smiles and nods as we passed throughout the store, at the registers, and in the parking lot.

Today customers, employees, suppliers, and a CEO who loved them all prevailed over greedy shareholders while resisting overtures from the Teamsters, Occupy New Hampshire, and some really scummy politicians.  It’s a great day for the rest of us.   Stop in to congratulate these people and fill your cupboards.  The food tastes much better steeped in victory.


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