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More For Your Dollar

September 4, 2014

Arthur T. Demoulas has promised that Market Basket will continue to give customers More For Your Dollar despite the unanticipated costs of his takeover of the company.  Most of us have always associated that slogan with Market Basket prices.  This summer we learned that the slogan means much more than great prices.

When consumers spend a dollar at Market Basket, here is what we get…

  • Great product.  Market Basket sources locally.  The product is fresher.  When you shop at Market Basket, you are supporting local farmers and fishermen.
  • Great jobs.  Market Basket employees enjoy a job with a future — advancement, bonuses, and profit sharing.  When you shop at Market Basket, you are supporting the American Dream.
  • Great neighbors.  Wasn’t it great to see the 99% support the 1% who took care of them?  Isn’t it great to know there is an employer in our neighborhood that cares about more than the bottom line?  When you shop at market basket you are contributing to the social fabric of our communities.

Every time you shop at Market Basket, you are telling Big Business what kind of country you want to live in.  Choose to live in a country of family businesses that take care of their customers, suppliers, and employees.


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