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Shaheen: Stupid and Dishonest

October 22, 2014

While recent refugees may have no recollection of Jean Shaheen’s war on US energy independence, those of us who lived here at the time will never forget her reckless and irresponsible attacks on Seabrook, nuclear energy, and domestic energy independence in general.  Shaheen mocked those who saw that dependence on Arab Oil would lead to war and was responsible for stopping the construction of Seabrook Station Unit II — a devastating blow to New Hampshire’s economy.  Shaheen also opposes using Canadian hydroelectric power.  Next time you pay your electricity bill, next time you endure a week long power outage, the next time your computer reboots and lights dim, remember that it was Jean Shaheen who deregulated electricity in New Hampshire.


Mel Thomsom: And if we don’t have nuclear power in this country, we will be more and more vulnerable to the Arabs and the Mideast and that’s why we’re in danger of war because we’re not taking care of our energy demands…[interrupted]

Jean Shaheen: That argument just doesn’t wash.


Jean Shaheen: Nuclear power is dangerous and we have to protect the public safety


Scott Brown: She’s against nuclear…[interrupted]

Jean Shaheen: No I’m not!  Where did you get that?

Scott Brown: When the Seabrook nuclear power plant was in effect, you made an effort to stop it.

Jean Shaheen: No I didn’t.

Yeah you did, Jeanie.  Shaheen was wrong in 1987 and she is lying in 2014.  Vote against Jean Shaheen.



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