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Keeping Us Warm

November 8, 2014

With winter on the horizon and temps getting lower by the day, I would like to share a couple tips for homeowners.  One of the links in the right margin of this blog is to  Take a look at this web site.  Local heating oil merchants post their prices there so you can get the best possible deal everyday.

My ‘oil man’ is Victory Fuel.  Leo has had the best prices for most of the last twenty years.  They are very responsive when I lose track of things and offer great prices and generous terms for pre-buy contracts.

My ‘boiler guy’ and plumber is Audette Mechanical.  Great prices, terrific products, and excellent service go a long way in my home.  Mike Audette did a service call at my mother’s home.  He did not charge her for parts he salvaged from my boiler replacement.  Think about that.  I had a problem with my boiler this weekend.  They have to order parts to complete the repair and offered to leave electric heaters at my home to keep us warm.

A couple years ago we chose Rite Window to replace our windows.  We like the windows.  They look and operate just fine.  We had a seal fail on one window this summer.  No problem — Rite replaced the window pane without any fuss at all.

If you need a little help keeping warm, these neighbors will not let you down.


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