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I Bought a Car

March 29, 2015

I bought a car Saturday morning.  I left my home at 8:35 am and parked the new car in my garage at 10:40 am.  Not only that, but the car was EXACTLY what I wanted and the price was less than I had hoped to pay.

How did this happen?  I was reading reviews of the Ford Focus.  One of the review sites ( offered to get sale prices for me.  I filled out the form.  Within a couple days, my mailbox and voice mail were full of messages from local dealerships.  Most wanted me to visit their store to test drive cars.  I responded to each email with a description of the car I wanted to purchase and the price I was willing to pay.  A lot of dealers did not respond to this note.  Most of the dealers that did respond sent me a list of vehicles that were close to what I was looking for with prices that were higher than I wanted to pay.

One guy sent me an email with the window sticker of the exact car I was looking for with a price $700 less than I had hoped to pay.  His dealership did not have the car I was looking for, so he got on the computer and located the car at another dealership.  He emailed me an excellent price with complete terms including rebates.  I gave him a deposit over the phone and picked my car up Saturday.  No up-sell.  No pressure to buy a service plan.  Just a couple signatures and a handshake.

If you are looking for a no nonsense, no hassle, no pressure car purchase, I suggest you talk to my new friend Chris Lane (603-658-9026, at McFarland Ford in Exeter.

For the record, the car was a 2014 Ford Focus SE Sedan with automatic transmission, air conditioning, and the winter package (heated seats, heated mirrors, and all weather mats) and the price was $14, 304.


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